How I am learning korean.

Hello! Welcome to the blog!

Today I am going to talk about my intellectual journey. As I stated on my first post, I am challenging myself to learn a new language.

My dream is to be able to talk at least 6 languages (it’s crazy but it’a part of my dream version of me). I already got 3: Spanish, Catalan, English. Next year, in community college, we are going to learn French.

This year I’m trying to learn Italian in 9 months (which I know it’s east because I already had lessons) and Korean.

Why Korean?

I’ve always admired the asian culture. It’s so different from the spanish and I really feel curious about their philosophy.

I like asian movies, dramas and programmes. And in the future I would love to study or work there for a while.

I didn’t know which language I wanted to study. As a business student, chinese was my first option. My second option was Korean, because lately there’s been new connections between Barcelona and Seoul.

I couldn’t get into chinese so I had to go for my second option… and let me tell you: I am glad it was Korean.

Where am I learning?

Although I like to taught myself (like italian), I clearly cannot learn an asian language by myself.

So, I decided to attend an academy.

It’s 2 hours a week, but I really learn a lot.

My teacher is native Korean and young, so he’s friendly and it makes the lesson really easy.

We are just a few students in class, and you know who’s the slowest???


So I need to keep up with the rest of the class. But this means I have to push myself at home.

My everyday tips.

-Once you’ve learnt the vowels and consonants (the first and most important step), read.

I usually read a webtoon. I get more vocabulary and I practice my reading pace.

-I watch programmes and listen attentively.

It is perfect when you are learning grammar to see how it’s used. I repeat the clips till I understand how.

-I repeat aloud, and I focus on pronunciation.

My goals:

-Be able to read a book in Korean.

-Watch programmes without subtitles.

-Maintain a conversation with a korean person.

What goals do you have? Tell me in the comment section!

I am going to update about my intellectual journey every week! Hope to see you here again next time.

Thank you!!

– The Rouge Company.


  1. Hello! I love your blog post! I started learning korean a few days ago and decided to journal it to keep a track on my improvement! I’ll be more than happy to follow your journey and hope you’ve improved yourself since this article was posted!

    Liked by 1 person

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